Beneficiaries’ knowledge of Will

I have made a Will and want to know whether there is an automatic way for the beneficiaries to be informed that they are beneficiaries after my death. I also wish to know how my executor will know that I have appointed him as my executor. I do not want the contents of my Will to leak out to anyone including my wife and any other beneficiaries. Is there a particular place that I can use to store my Will?
DL, Dar

Neither your beneficiaries nor executor(s) will know that they are mentioned in your Will if you do not inform them. It is as simple as that. There is no authority that informs them automatically.

Our first suggestion is for you to make sure that you ask the executor if he is agreeable to act as the executor. It is wise to also appoint an alternate executor should the first executor fail to act for some reason. Make sure you also inform this alternate executor. Most people forget to appoint an alternate executor.

Secondly, you should make sure that the executor and/or the beneficiaries or someone very trustworthy knows where the Will is stored. The facility you use should only release the Will upon your demise.

Some people store their Wills at home. Others store them in bank vaults with instructions to their bankers to release it to particular people upon ones demise. Others use Will storage facilities. We are not aware of specific Will storage facilities in Tanzania but there are many such facilities outside the country.