One sided insurance

My household fire insurance policy states that I cannot make a claim 14 days after a fire or burglary. I was overseas and just came back into the country to find my house totally empty. Everything was stolen. My broker says that the 14 days have passed and I cannot now claim. What should I do?
UI, Dar

Your broker should be trying to protect your interests. At the moment he seems to be acting like an agent of the insurer. We have not read this weird houseowners policy but you can certainly challenge it. You might want to read the wording of the policy whether it is 14 days from the date you found out or the date of the burglary. This unfair term can be reported to the Commissioner of Insurance who has the powers under the Insurance Act to delete or amend, obscure or ambiguous terms in a policy. Unfortunately, we do not have your policy to guide you any further but we believe you can pursue this with your broker and insurer.