Maximum age to get married

I am a healthy 80 year old man and have a 29 year old girlfriend. Just as I was planning to get married, my cousin who is a self-proclaimed bush lawyer says that I am above the age for marriage especially considering that there is a 51-year gap between us. He says there is a recent change in law that intends to discourage elderly persons getting married like this. Is there such an age restriction for marriage and if so how can I work around it? It is high time I settle down.
FG, Dar

You are surely energetic for an 80 year old and we admire your health.

We have gone through various amendments to the Law of Marriage Act and have not come across any such restriction that disallows you as an 80 year old to get married or remarried in a heterosexual marriage. There is a minimum age to get married, which doesn’t apply to either of you.

Whilst it is indeed encouraging that a person of your age is able to get a girlfriend 51 years younger, we must warn you that not being able to cohabit is a ground for divorce. Understandably there is medicine available to ensure that you are able to do so, but we thought it was pertinent to inform you of this risk. We wish you all the best.