Registration of a foreign doctor

I am a foreigner and my parents have been working in Tanzania with a multinational company for twelve years now. I have completed my medical school and registered as a medical doctor and practicing in my home country. Please guide me on the procedure to register as a foreign doctor in Tanzania.
RQ, Europe

Registration of medical doctors is governed by the Medical, Dental and Allied Health Professionals Act, 2017 (the Act). A body provided in the Act responsible for registration of doctors, dentists and allied health professionals is the Medical Council of Tanganyika (the Council). Generally, the Act states that a person who has completed an internship programme and has worked or practiced as a medical, dental or allied health professional shall, upon application to the Council, be entitled to full registration as a medical or dental professional. Application for full registration should be accompanied with a certified copy of completion of internship certificate and such other particulars as may be required by the Council for that purpose.

A foreigner who intends to practice as a medical, dental or allied health practitioner in Tanzania Mainland (Tanganyika), is required to submit an application to the Council together with copies of certificate of her/his qualification, certificate of registration from the registration authority of his jurisdiction, original certificate of good standing from the last jurisdiction of practice and such other particulars as may be prescribed in the regulations. However, you will also need to seek and obtain a residence permit and work permit in accordance with the laws governing the issuance of those permits for you to be able to practice medicine here in Tanzania. Therefore, a foreigner can practice medicine here in Tanzania subject to fulfilment of the requirements as stated above.