Mobile money account conmen

Last week someone phoned me pretending to be a teacher. He told me that my child fell sick at school and money was needed urgently to hire a car to take her to the hospital. I immediately transferred credit from my mobile money account to his account. After few hours I found out that my child was well. Does the law protect us against these conmen?
ML, Musoma

Cheating someone and causing him to debit his mobile money account and credit the account of the offender or a third party is an offence called obtaining credit by false pretence contrary to section 305(a) of the Penal Code [Cap.16 R.E 2019]. This offence being a fraud, the offender can also be charged with money laundering of the proceeds of credit received in offender’s or third party’s mobile money account. The law hence provides you full protection of this type of fraud which is prevalent nowadays.