Excessive sound from halls in residential areas

My neighbour has an entertainment hall in our residential street. Over the weekends the hall emits loud music that seriously disturbs us at night to the extent that we hardly get sleep. When we urge him to reduce the sound, he is telling us that the hall is licenced to operate as entertainment hall. What can we do to stop this disturbance?
JG, Mwanza

Excessive sound is one of the environmental pollutions recognised under the Environmental Management Act, 2004. The Environmental Management (Standards for Control of Noise and Vibration Pollution) Regulations, 2015 prescribes the maximum permissible noise level for places of entertainments located within residential areas. During day time which starts from 6.00 am to 10.00 pm the permissible level of noise is 60 decibels whereas during night time which is from 10.00pm to 6.00am the permissible level of noise is 40 decibels. Emission of sound beyond these prescribed levels requires a permit from the National Environmental Management Council.

A person who emits or causes emission of sound beyond the authorised level for more than two minutes without a permit from NEMC which sound disturbs, annoys or endangers the comfort of others commits an offence. The offence of causing emission or emitting sound pollution attracts a fine of not less than TZS 2M but not exceeding TZS 10M. The law also provides an option of imprisonment. A person aggrieved with the sound pollution may complain to NEMC or environmental inspector or environmental officer in order to issue a compliance order or stop order or improvement notice or complain to the police in order to arrest the offender and charge him.