Buyer not bound to return rejected goods

I am a small scale trader of garments in one of the townships in Muleba. I normally order garments from a wholesale trader who operates in Dar es Salaam. I send my orders via whatsapp messages and afterwards transfer money in his bank account when he confirms the availability of the required garments. The garments then get sent by bus. Recently, I sent my order where I specified that I needed 20 woolen suits of different sizes but all to be dark-blue in colour as it was a special order for a choir uniform. This was clearly disclosed to the trader. He confirmed that he had the garments of those specifications and I paid the price but instead of supplying the dark-blue suits he supplied ocean-blue ones. The choir has rejected the suits. My supplier now wants me to return back the rejected suits at my own cost before he can send me the correct ones. I am stranded as I do not have more money to pay. Is the wholesale trader justified?
RT, Muleba

The wholesale trader is not justified to require you to incur costs for returning the rejected suits. The law governing sale of goods in Tanzania sets it clear that, unless otherwise agreed, where the goods are delivered to the buyer and he refuses to accept them, having the right to do so, he is not bound to return them to the seller.

You have a right of rejecting the suits as you specified the colour of the suits in your order. Most importantly, you ordered the suits for a specific customer and you disclosed that fact to the seller. As per the law, and given the circumstances of your case, the wholesale trader is duty bound to shoulder the costs of returning the rejected suits back to Dar es Salaam and supply you with correct garments as per your specifications. Your lawyer can guide you on handling the matter.