Organizing animal fights

We used to have monthly bullfighting events in our village. Villagers paid entrance fees to enter the village stadium and the owner of the winning bull used to be awarded a handsome amount of money. Recently, the newly appointed and inexperienced Livestock Officer has prohibited the monthly bull fighting galas in a pretext that the act is against the law. He is even threatening the villagers not to attend. The Village Council has appointed a committee of five people, including me, to meet the District Commissioner (DC) to discuss the ban. Before meeting the DC we want your advice on the propriety of the ban. Is the Livestock Officer justified to ban the galas and prohibit the villagers from attending?
BY, Tabora

The newly appointed Livestock Officer is legally right to ban the bullfighting galas at your village in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act, 2008, (the Act). Section 36 of the Act, prohibits a person to promote, participate in, attend, assist at, receive money for, in any way facilitate an event involving fighting, training, harassing or tormenting of an animal. The section further prohibits a person to breed, sell or offer for sale an animal for fighting. According to the Act, even participation in events involving animal fighting is prohibited. Please seek further advice from animal welfare officers in your district or region or you might end up getting prosecuted.