Selling Noxious Food

I am a fish trader based in Dodoma. Lately, business has been difficult due to frequent power outages. Most of the fish in the freezer storage usually go bad and we resort to throwing away these fish. Surprisingly, last week I heard from my fellow traders that restaurant businesses are willing to buy rotten fish at half the current prices. I have considered selling to these restaurants to compensate for my losses. I am however hesitant since I don’t know what the law says about this. Guide me.
JP, Dodoma.

Section 181 of the Penal Code [Cap.16 R.E 2019] states that any person who sells or offers or exposes for sale a food or drink, any article which has been rendered or has become noxious, or is in a state unfit for food or drink, knowing or having reason to believe that it is noxious as food or drink is guilty of an offence. We sympathize with your losses, however, the law prohibits such kind of business. If what you said is true, even the restaurants you mentioned are committing an offence.