Qualifications for Legal Aid

I am a farmer based in Rukwa. Most of the produce from my farm is used for subsistence and the rest is usually traded for basic household items. I also own a tractor which I rent out to other farmers in my village. I have a legal dispute with one of my neighbors over the use of my tractor and wanted to engage an advocate to assist me, however I cannot afford one.  I was wondering whether I qualify for legal aid. Please guide me on this.
SD, Rukwa.

Matters related to legal aid in Tanzania are governed by the Legal Aid Act [Cap. 21 R.E 2019]. Section 22 of the Act provides that an application for legal aid may be made by either an indigent person; any other person authorised by the indigent person or any person/institution on behalf of the indigent. Section 3 of the Act defines an indigent person as a person whose means are insufficient to enable him to engage a private legal practitioner and includes other categories of persons where the interests of justice so require.

A person who fits this definition may, according to section 21(1) of the Act, approach any legal aid provider and apply for legal aid services. Upon receipt of the application, the legal aid provider may proceed to process the case. The application will be assessed based on the legal aid provider’s procedures. Since we do not have all the facts of your situation our advice is limited. Your lawyer or a legal aid provider may guide you further.