Procedure for reversion of citizenship

Five years ago, I was married to a foreigner and after the wedding in Tanzania I left with my husband for his home country. In order to get a job in my husband’s country, I was required by their laws to renounce my Tanzania citizenship and apply for citizenship of that country, which I did. We are now divorced and I want to restore my Tanzanian citizenship. Can you guide me on what to do?
MS, Dar es Salaam

In terms of section 13(3) of the Tanzania Citizenship Act [Cap.357 R.E 2002], a woman who is a citizen of Tanzania by birth and who had renounced her citizenship upon getting married to a citizen of another country may, where marriage breaks down, apply for reversion of her Tanzanian citizenship.

As to the procedure, regulation 7 of the Tanzania Citizenship Regulations, prescribes the procedure for reversion of citizenship and requires the applicant to make a formal application to the Minister responsible for home affairs by indicating her intention to restore her lost citizenship by birth. The application to the Minister has to be accompanied by evidence proving that the applicant’s marriage has broken down irreparably. A divorce decree issued by a Court of competent jurisdiction, whether foreign or local may be used to support the application for reversion of citizenship. Where the Minister is satisfied with the evidence in support of reversion application, she/he shall give her/his consent in writing and the citizenship shall revert to the applicant on the basis of the Minister’s consent and the declaration of renunciation of Tanzania citizenship which the woman made when she got married to a citizen of another country shall be cancelled. The Minister may allow the reversion of citizenship with conditions which he may prescribe in the Gazette.

Hence you can make a written application to the Minister for reversion of your Tanzanian citizenship by birth. There is no statutory form for such an application for reversion of citizenship, so the application may be in a form of a letter addressed to the Minister for Home Affairs.