Pension to inmates

My father worked for the Government until he retired at the age of 60 years. He was paid a lump sum amount and was then under monthly pension. In September last year he was convicted of an offence that he committed after retirement and since third quarter last year the Pension Fund has stopped paying his monthly pension.  What can I do to move the Pension Fund to resume paying my father’s monthly pension? The Pension Fund seems to be happy not to continue paying him as that is a cashflow saving for them.
FG, Tanga

Section 45 of the Public Service Social Security Fund Act, 2018 gives power to the Board of Trustees of PSSSF to direct all or part of the pension payable to a pensioner who is incarcerated to be paid to his/her child, spouse or dependent. The child, spouse or dependent has to write a letter to the Director General of PSSSF asking the Board to direct payment of all or part of the pension to be paid to him/her. After receiving the application, the Board shall consult the inmate pensioner in writing to confirm if he/she consents to the payment being diverted.

If the inmate pensioner is discharged from the prison as a result of acquittal by an appellate Court or by a pardon given by a Parole Board or President, the Board of Trustees is then required to restore the payment of pension to the pensioner.