Mainland Tanzania work permits in Zanzibar

Our company operates both in Mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar, though in Zanzibar we have smaller operations. We have recently employed a foreigner as a cyber security officer and want him to go to Zanzibar for a one week inspection. Our foreign employee has a work permit issued by the Labour Commissioner of Mainland Tanzania. Can he use the same work permit issued by the Labour Commissioner of Mainland Tanzania during his one week assignment in Zanzibar?  
WT, Arusha

The Non-Citizens (Employment Regulation) Act, 2015 under which a work permit for a foreigner working in Mainland Tanzania is issued by the Commissioner for Labour does not extend to Zanzibar. Section 2(1) of the Non-Citizens (Employment Regulation) Act is very clear that the Act is applicable to Mainland Tanzania only. Long- term and short- term work permits for foreigners who want to work in Zanzibar are issued by the Zanzibar Labour Commissioner under the Employment Act, No.11 of 2005 of Zanzibar. For your cyber security officer to be able to work in Zanzibar during his one week inspection, you may need to apply for a short- term work permit from the Labour Commissioner of Zanzibar. The short-term work permit issued under the Employment Act of Zanzibar lasts for a period not exceeding 6 months. He cannot use his work permit issued in Mainland to do any work in Zanzibar. We also recommend your lawyer guides you further on the practical realities on the ground.