Hot shower in Dar hotel

I came to Dar and stayed at a top notch hotel. When taking a hot shower, I burnt myself very badly as the shower water was very hot. I talked to the hotel boss that as part of compensation he allows me to stay free for one week but he is refusing. I have reported him to the Tanzania Tourist Board but they have not taken any action. What should I do?
PL, Dar

In the showers that we know of, there are two knobs- one for cold water and the other for hot water. We are sure the ‘top notch’ hotel you stayed in would have the same facility. Hence we are unsure how you burnt yourself in the shower? That is probably what the hotel owner is asking himself. Whilst we do sympathize with you, it is unlikely that you will recover if it was your own fault. If the shower on its own suddenly changed from hot to extremely hot, then you might not be responsible and a cause of action against the hotel does exist. You can then surely sue but we suggest you consult your attorney before making any moves.