Child testimony

I came home drunk and hit my wife in front of our six year old girl and she was admitted to hospital. I regret what I did and my wife has forgiven me. We told the police that she was beaten by thieves who attacked her on her way home but the medical report says that it is impossible that such a beating came from thieves and the police are now reinvestigating the matter. I know my wife won’t testify against me, but I am worried that our daughter will be called. Is it possible for a child as young as six years to give testimony? Will it carry any value? Please advice
KM, Mwanza

Yes, a testimony of a child is acceptable in any Court of law and it carries weight depending on the age of the child and how she testifies in Court. The child witness is normally submitted to some questioning by the judge/magistrate to establish if she understands the duty to speak the truth. If the Court is satisfied that she understands the duty to speak the truth, the Court will take her testimony and rely on it. Most children’s testimony carries high value because it is a general belief that children are unlikely to tell a lie.