Fertilizer burned my crops

I bought three bags of fertilizer from a vendor at our township for my garden. The bags bore the label purporting to show the fertilizer had all the primary nutrients. I used the fertilizer but after a week, all of the plants in my garden started to wither. My neighbor also faced the same problem. My neighbor and I went to the vendor and threatened to sue him. The vendor compromised and admitted that he was repacking the fertilizer he bought from the wholesaler and added some other substances. We also noted that the vendor is not registered. Can we sue the vendor?
AG, Dar

Yes. You can sue the vendor. Dealers of fertilizers are prohibited from selling or distributing adulterated or substandard fertilizer or fertilizer supplements. Section 30(2)(a) of the Fertilizers Act, 2009 (the Act) defines a fertilizer or fertilizer supplement which is adulterated to be one containing any deleterious or harmful substances in an amount that renders injurious to plant life, animals, humans, aquatic life, soil, air, water or environment in general when applied in accordance with directions for use. Section 30(2) (d) further defines a fertilizer or fertilizer supplement containing foreign materials other than the fertilizer or fertilizer supplement. Based on these provisions amongst others in the Act, you can proceed with a suit.

From what you have stated, it seems that your vendor is illegally trading. Section 28 of the Act prohibits a person to manufacture, import, export, sell, distribute any fertilizer or fertilizer supplements unless he is registered pursuant to the Act and conforms to the standards prescribed in the regulations. Your vendor is neither registered nor does he sell fertilizer of the required standard and, for that matter, you can report him to the Board of the Tanzania Fertilizer Regulatory Authority for appropriate sanctions.