Consolation for injury caused by dangerous animals

Our village is neighbouring a national park. Last year a group of antelopes invaded my shamba and while chasing them away, one of them kicked and injured my three year old child and as a result I spent a considerable amount of money to treat my child. I was told by my neighbor that there is a possibility of being compensated. Please guide me.
AK, Serengeti

Consolation for a damage resulting from permanent, temporary or partial destruction of crops or death of livestock or injury to or death of a human being is governed by the Wildlife Conservation (Dangerous Animals Damage Consolation) Regulations, 2011 (the Regulations). Application for consolation is made to the Director of Wildlife (the Director) in a form prescribed in the Regulations.

Please note that the Regulations allow consolations only for the damage caused by ‘dangerous animals’. Under the Third Schedule to the Regulations, dangerous animals are limited to black rhinoceros, spotted hyena, hippopotamus, Nile crocodile, buffalo, lion and the African elephant. Unfortunately, the antelope which kicked your child is not recognised as a dangerous animal under the Regulations and hence your application for consolation has a likelihood of being rejected.