Cheating that unmarried for sex

Two years ago I was approached by a man who told me that he wanted to marry me assuring me that he is unmarried. Believing him I agreed to start a relationship and we have been living together in one house as husband and wife for two years now though we don’t have a marriage certificate. It is only recently that I learnt that the man I am living with is married though he left his wife and children in his home village. Is this not rape because I gave my consent on belief that he is single and is my husband.
HM, Mtwara

A man who procures sexual intercourse or cohabits with a woman by obtaining woman’s consent fraudulently by cheating her that he is single commits a crime called fraudulence pretence of marriage contrary to section 163 of the Penal Code [Cap.16 R.E 2019] and is liable to imprisonment for 10 years. For your information, in this offence there is no option of a fine and if you pursue this, he could be imprisoned for 10 years.