Change of child’s name

My son was baptised three weeks ago at the age of 16 years. He wants to use his baptismal name which is different from his name appearing in his birth certificate. What is the procedure for changing the child’s name in the birth certificate?
BK, Bukoba

Section 14 of the Births and Deaths Registration Act [Cap. 108 R.E 2002] as amended by Act No.11 of 2019 prescribes the procedure for changing the child’s name. The parent or guardian who wishes to change the name of his/her child should apply to the district registrar of births and deaths for change of names in the births register and issuance of a new birth certificate. The application should be made before the child attains the age of 18 years and it should be accompanied with proof of payment of the necessary application fee and the parent’s or guardian’s affidavit substantiating the reasons in support of the application for the change of name. It is a relatively straightforward procedure and you don’t need to live with your name at birth for life.