Application of the Anti-Money Money Laundering Laws in Zanzibar

I am an expatriate working in Zanzibar and have a cheque drawn in my favour by my employer which I want to take with me to my home country. Ive been told that there are Regulations made by the Union Minister for Finance which bars cross border movement of cash and negotiable instruments whose value is equivalent to USD 10,000 or more unless the bearer declares the instrument to the customs officer before departure. Do the Regulations apply in Zanzibar? 
PK, Unguja

Zanzibar has its own anti-money laundering laws. Regulation 3 of the Mainland regulations the Anti-Money Laundering (Cross Border Declaration of Currency and Negotiable Instruments) Regulations, 2016 clearly excludes physical movement of cash or negotiable instruments from or to Zanzibar from the ambit of the Regulations. The Regulations are exclusively applicable in Mainland Tanzania only. The regulations that will apply are Zanzibar regulations which you will have to check.

For your information, even the Anti-Money Laundering Act of Mainland Tanzania is applicable to Zanzibar only in respect of the establishment of the FIU, and other anti-money laundering institutions. The provisions regulating anti-money laundering offences do not apply in Zanzibar.