Administration of the deceased gun

My uncle passed away recently and one of the properties he left is a gun. We have already held a clan meeting and proposed my brother to be the administrator of the deceased estate though he has not petitioned the Court for appointment. However, we are doubtful if we can list the gun as one of the properties to be administered by the administrator and we don’t know if the law allows distribution of the deceased gun to the heir. Please guide.
ST, Katavi

Under section 55 of the Firearms and Ammunition Control Act, 2015, where a firearm licensed holder dies, the gun is disposed of by the Registrar of Firearms according to the laws and regulations governing the control of firearms and ammunition and not according to the laws governing probate and administration of the deceased estate. We advise you to surrender the gun to the police and write to the Registrar to seek his guidance on how to dispose of the gun. The continued possession of the gun by any family member who is not licenced to do so amounts to unlawful possession of firearm which is a punishable offence.