Wife stingy with her assets

I have a rich wife who earns nearly 8 times more than I do but takes care of the entire household. We are blessed with two children and I am overall happy with our marriage except for the fact that she doesn’t allow me to use some of her personal assets. For example, I am not allowed to drive her car or use her camping equipment. I feel I am left out of this marriage and as a man, want to take appropriate action. Marriage is about union between a man and woman and such restrictions are unwarranted. What should I be doing to manage this situation?
TU, Dar

You seem to be quite a lucky man whose wife provides for almost everything. Getting married doesn’t mean that everything must be mandatorily shared between the man and wife. Atleast there is no financial infidelity between the two of you and she is honest about the dos and don’ts.

Cruelty is a ground of divorce but we don’t really see cruelty here. You also stated that you are overall happy with your marriage except for being disallowed usage of your wife’s car and camping equipment. Perhaps, and to move on with life, you can consider buying your own car and equipment.

With due respect, you likely need marriage counselling and not legal advice.