Suing a cigarette company

My daughter, at sixteen years now, is vibrant and a celebrity. She has been an ambassador of different products and brands since when she turned fourteen years and she features in different televisions and outdoor billboard adverts. Recently, a reputable cigarette company started a process of engaging her for a two-year contract as an ambassador of their brand. I went through all the errands on her behalf but at the end when we were about to sign the contract, they halted it for a reason that she is still a minor. Is the cigarette company justified to stop signing the contract on the pretext of the age of my daughter?
AR, Dar

The company is justified to halt the signing of the contract. The law bars any direct or indirect sponsorship that is associated in any manner with the promotion of a tobacco product, a brand of tobacco product or a manufacture of tobacco products in relation to persons below the age of 18. Moreover, it is also the law that no person below the age of 18 is authorized to bear tobacco product advertisements, logos or brand names in any sports or any sponsored events or activities. We believe the cigarette company did the right thing and you will not succeed in suing them. However, your attorney can guide you further.