Reward for return of stolen property

I am a car dealer based in Dar es Salaam. Last month we had an unfortunate incident and two expensive cars were stolen from our showroom. The surveillance cameras did not reveal anything. Moreover, even the guards did not see anything suspicious. We have reported the incident to the police but so far have not found the cars. In the hope of finding the stolen cars, we have pasted posters in various parts of the city offering some monetary reward for the return of the cars with no questions asked. One of our neighbours hinted to us to remove the posters because the law does not allow such a practice. Is this true? Please guide us.
SH, Dar es Salaam

Yes, it is true the law does not permit such kinds of offers with no questions asked because they may increase incidences of theft. Section 113 of Penal Code [CAP. 16 R.E. 2022] states that any person who- (a) publicly offers a reward for the return of any property which has been stolen or lost and in the offer makes use of any words purporting that no questions will be asked or that the person producing such property will not be seized or molested; (b) publicly offers to return to any person who may have bought or advanced money by way of loan upon any stolen or lost property the money so paid or advanced, or any other sum of money or reward for the return of the property; or (c) prints or publishes any offer, referred to in paragraph (a) or (b), is guilty of an offence. The aim of this provision is to prevent a moral hazard. Rewarding the thief or a person who has bought stolen property sends the wrong message to the public is what the law is protecting. Having said that, there are other jurisdictions that look at such notices more liberally.