Request to be buried in private plot

My father bought a plot not very far from the centre of the city of Dar es Salaam. He has started construction of a house but he also wants to be buried there. Is that allowed? Please advice.
KD, Dodoma

We are not aware of any law which imposes a legal obligation to bury a person in a public cemetery or prohibits burial in one’s own plot. The issue of place of burying may be subject to one’s decision and/or his family members’ decision. It is not an offence for one to be buried in their plot as long as burial permits are obtained from authorities before such burial. Our opinion is that the burial of your father will not amount to a change of use of the land. The plot will still be used for residential purposes despite the presence of a grave. The grave might reduce the value of the plot as many people are not very receptive to living near graves. It would be wise to advise your father to be buried in a public cemetery as it is more convenient in the future. However, different people have different beliefs and we must learn to respect them. Meanwhile we hope and pray that your father lives as long as he can!