Orders to evacuate pending a disaster

Our national meteorology authority has predicted heavy rains that may result in floods. Government officials have ordered me to evacuate because most of our neighbourhood is likely to be affected. I do not want to leave as I believe this prediction is wrong. Is there a way to evade this order?
RE, Morogoro

Unfortunately, there is no way to evade an order to evacuate once it has been issued by the government. It is essential to note that the obligation for people to evacuate following an evacuation order is not just a suggestion but also a legal requirement under the Disaster Management Act and the Disaster Management Regulations.

The Disaster Management Act and Regulations empower local government authorities and disaster management agencies to enforce mandatory evacuations in order to protect lives as well as well-being of individuals living in high-risk areas during times of anticipated disasters. By adhering to the order to evacuate, individuals not only prioritise their safety but also ensure compliance with the obligation of individuals to act on advice from experts and government under section 31 of the Disaster Management Act. Doing so supports the efforts of disaster management agencies in minimising the impact of flooding events and protecting the wider community. We understand your concern, nonetheless, living in areas prone to floods can be extremely hazardous especially during periods of heavy rainfall. The safety of individuals and communities is the primary concern of the government during such situations and you have no choice but to comply.