Marrying a school girl

My son wants to marry a form six student who is 19 years old. He is worried that if he waits until the girl finishes form six, she can go to university and marry another person. I am doubtful if what my son intends to do is lawful. Can it be lawful to marry a school girl if the marriage does not interfere with the girl’s education or she does not get pregnant?  
MM, Mwanza

Marrying a primary or secondary school girl is totally prohibited by section 60A(1)(a)(2) of the Education Act as amended by Acts No. 21 0f 2009 and 4 of 2016. It does not matter that the girl is above the age of 18 or the man marrying the girl has the good intention not to interfere with the girl’s education or does not intend to impregnate the girl until she finishes her primary or secondary education. This is an offence without lawful excuse or defence. It is serious offence which attracts a minimum punishment of 30 years imprisonment. Bear in mind that impregnating a school girl is a different offence under section 60A(3) of the Education Act and it attracts the same penalty like marrying a school girl.