Legal Update – 16 July 2017

3 days left for residence permit verification

  • All foreign residents to verify permits by 19 July 2017
  • Verification can be done online
  • Countrywide inspection exercise to begin

The Immigration Department under the Ministry of Home Affairs has issued a reminder notice to all employers, directors of companies, different organisations and visitors that the exercise to verify resident permits comes to an end on 19 July 2017 after which a country wide inspection exercise will be conducted.

The initial notice was issue on 19 April 2017 having given residents ample time. The exercise was launched by the Immigration Department mainly to ensure that residents have genuine documents in their possession. The verification exercise is conducted online on (then click on e-services and document verification and tracking). Residents who fail to or are unable to conduct the verification online for whatever reason should immediately go to the Immigration Department before the deadline.

The statement further states that when the country wide inspection exercise begins, legal action will be taken against all those who will not have complied including employers and directors of companies whose employees should have such verified documents in place, especially those found with forged documents or documents issued outside of normal procedures.

All residents are recommended to immediately comply with this notice.