Keeping medicines in school bus

Our school bus driver normally quarrels with traffic police who stop him and inspect the bus including the contents of the first aid kit in the bus. He is frequently asked by traffic police why the first aid kit in the school bus he is driving does not have certain medicines. Does the law require the first aid kit in a school bus to contain specific medicines? We find this to be very strange? Please guide us as we would like to be compliant if that is the law.
LM, Arusha

It is a requirement of the law under regulation 26 of the Transport Licensing (Public Service Vehicles) Regulations [GN No.76 of 2020] that a school bus should be fitted with a first aid kit at a conspicuous place which contains specified medicine and other medical requirements. However, the law leaves it to the Pharmacy Council to specify which medicines must be kept in the first aid kit fixed in the school bus. Unfortunately, we don’t know what type of medicines and medical equipment have been specified by the Pharmacy Council to be kept in the school bus. You may want to contact them directly.