Government websites not updated

I am a foreign consultant. I have always noted that the websites of government departments, Ministries and also parliament are either not updated or provide information that is old, irrelevant and inappropriate. To give you an example: one website still refers to the President as being Benjamin Mkapa. The national government website still has names of some of the old Ministers. Even worse, some websites have the old laws posted, while others have links that never open. Is there no website law that makes it an offence to post such old information? This is the year 2012 and such lethargy should not be accepted especially when maintaining a website does not require a massive amount of a budget, merely commitment. How can this be sorted out? If I have relied on information on any of these websites, can I sue that department?
9 July 2012

Unfortunately, there is no law that we are aware of that makes this an offence. However good governance principles and common sense dictate that these departments, Ministries, agencies, as the case may be, should update their websites on a daily, or at the least, a weekly basis. Since you seem to have a list of all such websites, it is not unwise to write to these institutions, and alert them to their anomalies.

The second part of your question cannot be answered without us knowing how you relied upon the information, and what other sources were available to you to check, prior to relying on that information. Generally, your claim will not succeed if you had constructive knowledge, which you seem to have, of the website not having been updated. If that is the case, we do not believe you have very high chances of succeeding. Your attorneys can guide you further after you disclose all facts to them.