First right of refusal, tenant in property

I have been a tenant in a property for the past many years. Three months ago I was served with a notice to vacate the premises on grounds that the property had been sold. Is there no law that the landlord should have offered it to me before selling it in the market?
MV, Mwanza

As per the Land laws in Tanzania, there is no legal provision which puts the landlord under obligation to sell his/her property to the existing tenant unless that has been specifically provided for in the tenancy agreement, which is rare. If your tenancy agreement has a right to buy, or right to refusal clause, then depending on the wording of the clause, you may be able to challenge the sale of the property and not otherwise.

If your landlord is a public body, the requirements of advertising and tendering must be met. If that condition has not been met, you may be able to challenge the sale. Furthermore, though the property has been sold, your right to stay remains as per the terms and conditions in the tenancy agreement. You should read the termination clause of the tenancy agreement for further guidance.