Father discovers the child is not his

My girlfriend cheated that she got pregnant from me but after we did a DNA test, a year after birth of the child, I got a report showing that I am not the biological father of the child. What do I do to have my name removed from the child’s birth certificate and the Births Register? 
MS, MwanzaA man whose name appears in the birth register is considered under section 35 of the Law of the Child Act [Cap 13 R.E 2019] to be the father of the child until it is proved otherwise. A person who wants his name to be deleted from the birth register, must first petition to the Juvenile Court under the Law of the Child (Juvenile Court Procedure) Rules, 2016 for a declaratory order that he is not the biological father of the child. Where parentage is successfully disputed, the Court shall give the declaration order sought. The declaratory order regarding the parentage shall be submitted to the Registrar of Births by a Court officer under rule 55(5) of the Juvenile Court Rules within 21 days of issuing the order for the Registrar to make changes in the register as provided under section 14 of the Births and Deaths Registration Act.