Double punishment for reckless driving

I was charged with the offence of knocking a pedestrian and causing him bodily injury due to reckless driving. I pleaded guilty to the charge and the Court ordered I pay a fine of TZS 200,000 or serve one year term in prison. In addition to the fine sentence, the Court canceled my driving licence and disqualified me from obtaining another driving licence within a period of three years. I paid the fine and was set free. A year after I was set free, the victim opened a civil suit against me claiming compensation amounting to TZS 200M for causing him bodily harm due to careless driving. His claim is based on the same facts as the facts in the traffic case and he has in fact attached to his claim a copy of the Court decision in the traffic case. I doubt the legality of this suit because I already paid a fine for the same wrong I did to the claimant through the traffic case. Why should I pay twice for the same wrong? Is this suit legally proper? Please guide me.
OP, Mwanza

Section 68 of the Interpretation of Laws Act [Cap.1 R.E 2019] provides that the imposition of a fine under any Act does not relieve the offender from liability to pay damages to any injured person for the same wrong. Therefore the fine imposed on you by the road traffic Court under the Road Traffic Act did not relieve you from the obligation to compensate the pedestrian you knocked due to careless driving for the injury he sustained. The fine was imposed on you by the road traffic Court as an alternative punishment and not as compensation to the person you knocked. It is the civil suit the victim has filed which is intended to compensate him for the injury he sustained. The suit is legally proper in law as it is meant to address compensation to the victim whereas the traffic case was meant to punish you for violating the road traffic laws. The two cases serve different purposes and unless there are facts that you have not disclosed to us, the plaintiff cannot be faulted for suing you.