Doing business in bus

I always travel by public commercial buses and get disturbed by small scale traders who jump into the buses in the course of the journey and start selling or promoting their products. Moreover and even worse some of the products they sell are counterfeit. Is doing business in the buses allowed as part of the policy of creating jobs? How can doing business in the buses be controlled by the law to protect consumers against counterfeit goods?
DG, Morogoro

Government Notice No.81 of 2020 prohibits doing business or preaching or conducting political activity inside the buses. It is the duty of the bus crew and the driver to ensure nobody is doing business in the bus. There is a law in place prohibiting doing business in the bus but there might be laxity in the enforcement of the law. We believe doing business in the buses is not one of the policies of the Government of creating job opportunities for the youths. Bus drivers and crew who fail to prevent doing business in the bus commit an offence and are liable to imprisonment to pay a fine not less than TZS 50,000 but not exceeding TZS 100,000 or imprisonment for a term not less than 1 month but not exceeding 1 year or to both imprisonment and fine.