Beehive in neighborhood

My neighbor has placed a number of beehives in a tree whose shade gets into my house. I am very conscious about my beauty and thus use perfumes and lotion with strong scents. I am worried the bees might attack me because of this scent. What can I do legally?
LJ Arusha

The law which provides for beehive keeping is the Beekeeping Act, 2002 (the Act) and it protects equally those with or without beauty. This law states that if the Director or authorised officer is satisfied that in particular premises the keeping of bees or a number of beehives are public nuisance or a danger to public health or Public safety; or for any other specified reason, those premises are unsuitable for beekeeping, he may, by order served on the person who is keeping the beehives prohibit the keeping of bees on those Premises; or order the said person to keep a specified number of beehives on those the said premises.

If the person does not implement the order of the Director or authorised officer, the Act states that, where the Director or an authorised officer is satisfied that a person has failed to comply with directives contained in an order under the Director or the authorised officer, this shall be reported to Court.

Based on the above, you can report your concern to the Director regulating the beekeepers. The Director shall send his authorised officer to inquire about the issue and they will decide a way forward. If the above is not decided in your favor, you can institute a tortuous case on the ground of nuisance and seek the Court to grant permanent injunction against your neighbor. Kindly consult your lawyers for further guidance.