Amount of cash one is allowed to carry

My cousin was going back to his home village where he is undertaking a big construction project. He carried with him in the car TZS 100M to enable him clear various costs of the project. On the way at a police barrier he was stopped and when he was car searched, he was found in possession of the cash. Police asked him why he was carrying such huge amounts of money in the car and was arrested and interrogated for the offence of possession of property suspected to have been stolen and money laundering. Can you tell me what amount of money a person is allowed to carry with him from one point to another within the country?
KN, Moshi

There is no law governing the amount of cash money a person can move with from one point to another within the country. Section 23 (1) of the Anti-Money Laundering Act and the Anti-Money Laundering (Cross border Declaration of Currency and Bearer of Negotiable Instruments) Regulations, 2019 (GN No.268 of 2016) regulate the amount of cash a person is required to declare when he is leaving or entering the country but not when someone is travelling within the country.

Carrying a huge amount of cash is not a money laundering offence but it may raise reasonable suspicion that the money is a proceeds of crime and the bearer is avoiding the use of financial institutions because he does not want to leave traces. When a person is charged with possession of property suspected to have been unlawfully acquired, the burden of proof shifts to him to explain, within the balance of probability, how he came into possession of the property.