Access to child born out of wedlock

I have a 4 year old child born out of wedlock. Her mother has been denying me access to her. What options do I have?
KJ, Mbeya.

A person who claims to be a parent of the child can move a Juvenile Court by filing an application to the Juvenile Court seeking to gain access to the child. The application for access to the child should be made by filling JCR Form No.8 set out in the Third Schedule to the Law of the Child (Juvenile Court Procedure) Rules, 2016. However, since the child was born out of wedlock, you need to make an application for confirmation of parentage as well. The Court may in the same proceedings for the confirmation of parentage, determine and grant application for access to the child on such terms and conditions as it may deem fit.

You should bear in mind that once the Court confirms parentage, it will also order you to contribute towards welfare and maintenance of the child to supply the necessities of survival and development of the child. An order for access to the child shall set out the days, hours and place of accessing the child as well as the picking up and dropping off the child before and after the access.