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FB Attorneys in collaboration with The Daily News – one of the leading English newspapers in Tanzania, publishes a column every Monday. The column answers reader’s general legal queries. Readers can send in their questions to qa@fbattorneys.com or write to Q&A with FB ATTORNEYS C/O The Daily News, P.O. Box 9033, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
This column is intended to give readers a general overview of the law and is not a substitute to the role of an attorney. To receive the Q&A electronically, please send a blank email to qa@fbattorneys.com

Q&A - 31 July 2017

Review of agreements by new law

Q&A - 24 July 2017

Tax revenue appeals board

Q&A - 17 July 2017

Registration of undesirable name

Q&A - 10 July 2017

Donating my dead body

Q&A - 3 July 2017

Bad debt written off, why pay

Q&A - 26 June 2017

Father in law wants second marriage

Q&A - 19 June 2017

Local content in oil and gas

Q&A - 12 June 2017

Civil wedding now, big wedding later

Q&A - 5 June 2017

Maximum 5 years for work permit

Q&A - 29 May 2017

Police investigating bureau de change

Q&A - 22 May 2017

Objecting another wife in polygamous marriage

Q&A - 15 May 2017

Economic offence and seizure of property