Legal Update – 12 October 2016

TRA extends time for TIN verification exercise

  • Time for verification for Dar es Salaam extended to 30 November 2016
  •  All those who don’t verify will have their TINs removed from the system
  •  Removed TINs will not be useable

Considering the number of individuals who are yet to verify their Tax Identification Numbers (TIN), the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) has extended the verification exercise for Dar es Salaam companies and residents to 30 November 2016.

In a welcome move, the TRA press release states that the TIN verification for businesses for Ilala will continue at Mariam Tower Shaurimoyo and 14 Rays, for Kinondoni at the LAPF building and Kibo complex Tegeta, for Temeke at the National stadium, for Kigomboni and Mbagala at the TRA offices in Kigamboni and Mbagala respectively.

TRA states that non business TINs can be verified at any TRA zonal or regional offices. Forms are available online at

To verify the TIN one is required to produce an ID card (national ID or driving licence), lease agreement, certificate of incorporation and MEMARTS for companies and the TIN certificate. The taxpayer is also required to appear in person to get fingerprints captured.

TRA further states in its release that the TIN verification is done at no cost. For any inquiries taxpayers may call 0800 780078/0800 750075 or email

All taxpayers are strongly advised to ensure that they meet the TIN verification deadline of 30 November 2016 without which they will not be able to trade, import or conduct any business.

Comply with your tax obligations to build Tanzania.

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