Timon Vitalis

Head of Litigation

A skilled litigator, Timon Vitalis has twenty years’ experience as an advocate in both civil and criminal litigation, both at trial and on appeal. He has appeared before all levels of courts and tribunals, including the Court of Appeal of Tanzania.

As head of the litigation department at FB Attorneys, Timon’s areas of specialisation include civil and criminal litigation, as well as labour law, public law, environmental and tourism law. In addition to his litigation skills, he is an experienced mediator and arbitrator and has wide experience in high value litigation cases and all aspects of arbitration, both local and international. Timon, has handled complex and substantial commercial disputes of a varied nature in the extractive industries, banking, telecom, employment, competition and contract law. He has been involved in major cases before the High Courts in Tanzania, the Court of Appeal and brings with him an excellent track record in bank recovery cases. As a state attorney, Timon also took part in prosecuting various high profile cases including serious economic crimes such as bribery, theft, corruption and fraud as well as serious organised crimes.

A former Principal State Attorney with the Attorney General’s Chambers, he practised as a state attorney for many years, before joining FB Attorneys.

His advisory and legislative drafting skills saw him review, and draft amendments to, national laws regarding international cooperation in criminal matters, wildlife and forest conservation laws, and reforms to criminal procedure. A skilled advocacy trainer, Timon is regularly engaged by various departments to help their lawyers improve their advocacy skills, as well as providing legal education and training to in-house lawyers. This covers the full range of skills from drafting, giving legal opinions, pre-trial interviews, as well as assisting clients in presenting evidence before courts and tribunals.

He also lectures on professional ethics, including in litigation, having been trained by the International Law Institute in Kampala, Uganda and contributes to the Tanganyika Law Society Journal.

Timon is a graduate of a leadership course at the International Law Enforcement Academy in Roswell, New Mexico, USA.