Legal Update – January 2016

Business Visa on arrival

Further to the various circulars we have issued on Short Term Permits (STP) and the granting of “only” tourist visas at the airports/entry points into Tanzania, we are now informed as follows:

  • At airports/entry points, and as was the case before, business visas are now being issued.
  • These business visas are meant for those coming for specific tasks for example technicians/engineers coming to fix/install machinery, trainers coming for short term training, directors coming for board meetings, professionals coming to investigate a company’s financial statements and the like.
  • The business visa does not allow one to work and costs USD 200 for nationals of Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Mozambique, Burundi, Malawi and other SADC countries, and USD 250 for other nationals.
  • The business visa is valid for 90 days and not extendable.
  • The business visa is not a substitute for a STP and allows only one entry.
  • Anyone intending to work in Tanzania requires a work permit and residence permit, not a business visa.

You are advised to act accordingly.