Legal Update – December 2015

Questions and answers on Short Term Permits (STP)

Is the STP a replacement for Carrying on Temporary Assignment (CTA)?

Yes, the STP replaces CTAs.  Anyone with a CTA, must convert it into a STP.

In addition to a STP, do I need to apply for a residence permit?

Yes. The STP is issued by the Ministry of Labour and Employment whilst the Residence permit is issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs (Immigration). At the moment we are not sure of the fees that will apply at Immigration but you will require both STP and a residence permit. This is the position as we have been informed today. However further directives may follow.

How cumbersome is it to get a STP?

The STP application does not go through the same scrutiny as applying for a normal work permit. We are informed that the STP process takes a few days to get issued, which is a similar period as the CTA. However, we do not yet have the time period and cost to get a residence permit.

How much does the STP cost and where do I apply for the STP? How long is the STP valid for?

The STP costs USD 500 and the application is to be lodged at the Ministry of Labour and Employment.STPs are valid for six months and you can leave and enter Tanzania with your STP for that period.

What if I am coming for a quick board meeting- do I still need a STP?

There are no more business visas/CTA being issued, which is what you would have applied for at the airport prior to this change. Whilst we don’t have all details it seems like STP is presently the only legal mechanism available. We expect more clarifications to follow as applying for STPs might take longer than the duration of the individual’s visit in Tanzania.

For those who frequently come to Tanzania for meetings and other business, what would you recommend they get?

We would recommend they get a STP which is valid for six months.

Can I apply for STP when in Tanzania? Does a current CTA holder need to go outside Tanzania and then reapply?

Initially we were informed that STPs must be applied from outside the country but we are now informed that STPs can be applied for locally if one is on a valid CTA and one need not go outside the country.

What is the 14 days’ notice that has been issued?

The 14 days’ notice is to all CTA holders and those who do not have any work permits, to make an application for a work permit to ensure that they are legally in the country. At the least we believe it is advisable a CTA holder to have in their possession a receipt showing having lodged a work permit application.

What visas are being issued at the airport?

At the moment we are informed it is the tourist/entry visas only that are being issued.

Can we get the STP from the airport?

No STPs will not be issued at the airport.

What if I need an emergency personnel to come into the country for a few days “machine breakdown job”- what visa should such a person apply for?

At the moment we are seeking clarification on the type of visa that would be issued to such a person as prior to the STP, CTAs were being issued at the airport which are no longer valid or issued. We expect some clarification soon on the situation you have described above.

Please note that the answers above are based on our understanding of the law and the practice as clarified to our team by the authorities. This information is meant for your consumption only. It is recommended that you consult your legal advisor before relying on the information above.