Legal Update – 5 November 2018

Immigration issues residential address update forms

  • Immigration Services Department releases forms to update residential information for each category
  • All foreign nationals on residence permits, dependent passes and exemption certificates to update their residential information
  • Deadline 30 November 2018

Further to the press release issued on 1 November 2018 by the Immigration Services Department requiring foreign nationals to update their residential information, the Immigration have today released forms that should be filed as part of this exercise. These forms are required to be submitted by 30 November 2018.

The forms are now available on the Immigration website ( or click here to access a pdf version of the forms. Amongst other particulars, the form requires one to affix their passport size photo and provide full particulars of their residential address, mobile number and email address.

The Immigration Services Department further states that after 30 November 2018 a special inspection will be carried out across the country and legal measures will be taken against those who have failed to comply.

The FB Attorneys Legal Updates team recommends all foreign nationals to comply with the above by duly filling out the relevant form and submitting it to the nearest Immigration department offices.