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With the recent rise in arbitration proceedings, FB Attorneys is at the forefront of responding to commercial and international legal disputes. Lawyers at FB Attorneys are involved in a wide range of arbitration proceedings before various tribunals in Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. The arbitrations involve a variety of legal issues including complex contractual disputes involving land, construction, mining, oil, and gas. Most recently a team of FB Attorneys was involved in arbitration of a multi-million dollar construction project at the LCIA.

FB Attorneys has extensive experience in international arbitration disputes. Our lawyers understand the complexity of the arbitration process as well as the nuances of international law. FB Attorneys aggressively protects its clients’ interests with effective legal representation. Throughout the process, the attorneys provide close counsel to their clients, keeping them well informed of all significant developments and advising them at every step of the dispute-resolution process. Click here to view our experience in Dispute Resolution.

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In recent years air travel has become considerably less expensive, causing a significant increase in air travel across the world. It has also resulted in the rapid growth of low-cost airline carriers offering highly competitive rates. This development has intensified an already fiercely competitive airline industry. Established airlines are often struggling to confront the many financial challenges before them.

FB Attorneys has extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of all aspects of aircraft financing and leasing including operating leases, export credit financings, commercial debt financings, and refinancing. We have provided advice and consultation to various large commercial carriers, as well as private charter companies and individuals. A team of our attorneys recently concluded a wet-lease for a foreign company in Tanzania.

FB Attorneys is steadfast in its determination to secure the most favourable pricing for its clients and the company’s relentless pursuit of this goal has led FB Attorneys to obtain competitive pricing in the airline industry.

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Banking, Finance and Capital Markets

As a global industry, investment banking is continuously challenged to respond to new developments and innovation in the global financial markets. The complexity of the legal advice required for financial institutions today is exacerbated by the unprecedented economic instability, which has exposed the markets to greater risks than ever before.

On a daily basis, FB Attorneys practice in the constantly evolving and heavily regulated world of financial services. The firm’s collective years of experience has provided FB Attorneys with invaluable knowledge and insight of the global market place. These lawyers understand the needs of clients and the risks they face in this volatile industry.

They provide sound, practical financial advice covering the full spectrum of financial products, including but not limited to:

  • Syndicated Lending
  • Asset Finance
  • Project Finance
  • Drawing of lending documentation
  • Perfection of securities
  • Vetting of foreign agreements for conformity with Tanzanian law
  • Insolvency and Restructuring of Debt and Perfection of Securities

FB Attorneys works with some of the industry’s leading banks. Our team of attorneys has been engaged in complex recoveries involving billions of dollars. The team has the knowledge and experience to help its clients navigate today’s fast moving and techno-driven markets while finding practical solutions to the industry’s regulatory impediments.

FB Attorneys offers advice and counselling on all aspects of financing across a wide range of business industries from manufacturing to hospitality, providing top quality, cross-border legal expertise with full global coverage.

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Competition Law

FB Attorneys has extensive experience dealing with anti-trust law. It often represents clients in hearings before the Fair Competition Commission (FCC), the pre-eminent anti-trust authority. FB Attorneys has successfully negotiated before the FCC permitting its clients clearance to engage in mergers with other corporations.

The team also has experience successfully appealing rulings issued by the FCC to the Fair Competition Tribunal and Court of Appeal. The team has vast experience in negotiating with the FCC and has recently concluded a multi-billion shilling settlement for a client. In competition law it is not just the law that drives the agenda but simple economics.

The FB team has lawyers with strong background in economics and econometrics, giving them an advantage over othersClick here to view our experience in Competition Law.

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Corporate Law

Corporate law governs the most dominant kind of business enterprise in the modern world. It functions as the backbone of any company’s organisational structure, particularly as it grows and raises capital, undertakes transactions, and expands both domestically and internationally. At FB Attorneys, the lawyers take a practical approach to all corporate and commercial transactions. The firm is home to some of the best corporate law practitioners in the region who cover a wide spectrum of corporate business matters including but not limited to:

  • Syndicated Lending
  • Trade Finance
  • Asset Finance
  • Asset and Share Purchase Agreements
  • Due Diligences
  • Joint Ventures
  • Company Restructuring
  • Winding Up
  • Insolvency Proceedings
  • Multi-jurisdictional Deals
  • Licensing
  • Distribution
  • Agency and Franchising
  • General Drafting
  • Rights Issues
  • General Commercial Law
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Shareholder Buy-Outs
  • Succession Planning amongst others

FB Attorneys’ lawyers have represented many challenging, high-profile transactions. The goal is to involve ourselves with every aspect of preparation, establishment, and continuity of corporate business from the pre-planning stages as well a corporation’s normal course of daily activity. Apart from our technical expertise, clients rely on the team’s market sector knowledge and sound commercial advice.

The firm gives top priority to staying current on changes in the law, which is possibly FB Attorneys’ greatest strength. These lawyers possess the savvy to help them navigate the corporate world for regional and international clients. They do not just take chances; these fine lawyers make calculated moves that have proven to be beneficial to our clients. The process starts with the preparation of a ‘tree’ diagram that outlines the client’s options and associated costs. The firm’s internal lawyers then challenge these ideas so as to arrive at the best strategic and economical solution possible. There exists a passion for work that is challenging; the attorneys’ technical expertise and reputation for excellence are borne out of the type and complexity of the transactions they handle. Click here to view our experience in Corporate and Commercial Law.

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Employment Law

Employment, labour and benefit issues are complex and challenging for every business, as the workforce is a company’s primary asset and these issues should be delicately handled. In the midst of a constantly evolving world of employment law, there is an ever-pressing need to have a concise and comprehensive approach to labour-related matters, an approach that aims to avoid litigation, employee disharmony, and workplace strikes.

FB Attorneys deals efficiently and effectively with such matters and supports your HR team through offering sound advice on these sensitive matters.

Our team is committed to providing clients with advice that is constructive, practical and timely. We have advised companies on a range of contentious, non-contentious and advisory matters relating to their employees.

We provide unparalleled service in the following areas:

  • Assessment of existing HR systems within the organization
  • Reviewing existing HR policies
  • Development of HR policies and procedures
  • Conflict resolution
  • Performance management
  • Training management on employment law
  • Representations at Commission for mediation and arbitration (CMA), High Court, or Court of Appeal hearings
  • Drafting or upgrading existing employment contracts
  • Developing or reviewing job descriptions for all employees
  • Training HR personnel in implementing policies

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The firm’s primary goal is to assist clients in avoiding litigation whenever possible. We use alternative dispute resolution services, mediation, and arbitration as a means of solving clients’ legal challenges particularly when the parties are trying to preserve a commercial relationship; however, when litigation is unavoidable, the lawyers at FB Attorneys will guide its clients through both the legal and commercial aspects of litigation, including an assessment of reputational risk, if any. Our team then devises optimum procedural tactics or alternate forms of settlement. We have handled high profile litigation cases for major corporations and high net worth individuals.

Our attorneys have successfully represented clients in a variety of courts around the country. We have also effectively handled general defamation suits, personal injury, and medical negligence claims.

FB Attorneys subscribes to a philosophy that equates a strong litigation team with a thorough understanding of corporate practice. These lawyers are passionate about challenging cases whose complex details only serve to further enhance the team’s technical expertise and, hence, solid reputationClick here to view our experience in Dispute Resolution.

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At FB Attorneys, the legal team is aligned with your unique goals and insurance concerns. Due to our lawyers’ deep understanding of the insurance/reinsurance markets and their respective applicable regulatory frameworks, we continually provide an innovative service that is geared towards commercial markets.

The breadth of our clientele base includes major insurance and reinsurance companies, local and overseas brokers, accountants, insurance agents, captives, financial and investment service providers, P&I club managers, HMOs, reinsurance intermediaries, state insurance regulators, trade associations, insolvency practitioners, debtors and creditors of insolvent insurers.

We advise on insurance and reinsurance matters including capital and balance sheet management, start-ups, corporate acquisitions and disposals, corporate re-organization, and regulatory compliance. Based on your requirements and our commercial understanding, the firm’s insurance team will provide the highest level of commitment and quality advice.

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Intellectual Property

Tanzania Mainland and Tanzania Zanzibar are witnessing an increase in the number of registrations. This can be attributed to the stable economic environment. Our Intellectual Property department has worked with some of the largest companies from around the world in various IP matters.

FB Attorneys offers innovative and comprehensive legal advice that enables clients to protect themselves against the risks of unfair competition, infringement, counterfeiting and loss of value.

The lawyers at FB Attorneys have extensive experience assisting a variety of clients with matters relating to IP, especially with an emphasis on original drafting of applications and strategies. IP is a valuable asset in today’s rapidly changing world and should be protected at home and abroad.

We aim to maximize the return from the intellectual property assets for the benefit of our clients. We have managed disputes relating to trademarks, passing off, copyright, database rights, and design rights including trademark licensing. Our IP legal professionals have the expertise you need to help protect and further your business interests.

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Tanzania is the third largest gold producer in Africa. Although large-scale foreign investment is a relatively recent phenomenon, gold exploration and mining have a long history in the country.

A mining license or permit is required at various stages of a mining companies life. We have done work for some of the leading mining companies around the world. Our team has been consulted for mining financing, mergers and acquisitions, structuring and negotiating joint ventures, and arrangements for goodwill. Our task is to distinguish between ‘legal’ and ‘illegal’ mining. These are loaded terms with more than just jurisprudential connotations and consequencesClick here to view our experience in Mining.

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Oil and Gas

Many oil and gas companies have long recognized that the most attractive growth opportunities are to be found within the African region. East Africa has become one of the most exciting markets for international energy explorers. The sheer volume of oil and gas in the region has made it impossible for energy investors to ignore.

Merger, acquisition and disposal activity in the African energy market continues to gather pace; hence, oil and gas law issues have recently gained significant prominence.

FB Attorneys supports and advises its clients so that they are in a position to embrace change as the industry embarks on a new decade of challenges. Our team comprises lawyers who have a thorough understanding of the technical and commercial aspects of the energy industry as well as an in-depth knowledge of both the traditional principles and current trends in the marketplace. Apart from oil and gas we advise clients on a wide spectrum of industries including but not limited to government agencies, oil and gas companies, electric transmission companies, exploration and distribution companies, and renewable energy participants.

Our oil and gas team assists clients in a multitude of service needs. From major oil refiners to small oil and natural gas producers to pipeline companies, matters are as large as drilling contracts and production sharing negotiations and as small as obtaining individual import permitsClick here to view our experience in Energy.

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Project Finance and International Trade

We have been involved in some of the largest and most complex transactions in and around Tanzania. FB Attorneys is remarkably at the forefront of project development and finance. Our thorough understanding of issues surrounding project financing enables us to convert ideas into realities. We have also helped clients negotiate with government agencies including helping them obtain necessary approvals from regulatory agencies.

The FB Attorneys team assists its clients in risk management and maximization of opportunities in international trade of goods and services.

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Real Estate

Buying and selling investment real estate has increasingly become more complex. Real estate law involves a distinct set of challenges and time frames. Our real estate practice is aligned with our legal skills when it comes to delivering fast, cost-effective solutions. Our lawyers form part of the corporate team available to represent clients on multifaceted transactions.

Our advice is integral to the structuring of such transactions, as real estate is frequently the most significant asset involved. We have handled matters for leading international investors, developers and occupiers. Our experience includes unparalleled assistance with the acquisition and financing of large hotel properties, sale and financing of significant assets, strategic joint ventures, and major development projects including sales and commercial leases.

At FB Attorneys, we handle the entire property development process from the initial due diligence to acquisitions and dispositions, joint ventures, financing (up to and including permits), construction, sales and sub titling.

We also have advised clients on commercial, retail and industrial leasing, corporate takeovers, re-organizations and corporate financing, mortgage enforcement and land-use planning including plan amendments and by law rezoning applications.

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Tax Law

Almost all commercial transactions have tax implications and tax considerations can affect and often times dictate the form of a transaction. FB Attorneys’ innovative tax structuring expertise gives clients peace of mind through comprehensive tax services. Our tax lawyers have extensive training in accounting in addition to numerous on site accountants. Clients take comfort knowing that their accounting needs will be precisely and professionally met.

The firm’s tax practice has been built around the needs of its clients. Offering unprecedented legal advice both regionally and internationally, FB Attorneys’ experience combined with its global reach enables the delivery of both effective and timely services. Specialising in strategic legal, tax, and regulatory matters, these fine attorneys have a wealth of experience working in highly complex innovative tax structuring transactions. The firm also handles tax investigations and disputes from initial queries to litigation or settlement.

The lawyers at FB Attorneys represent clients before the TRA in objection proceedings and negotiations, at the Tax Revenue Appeals Board (TRAB), Tax Revenue Appeals Tribunal (TRAT) and Court of Appeal in tax disputes worth over USD 2.8B. Click here to view our experience in Tax Law.

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FB Attorneys is committed to assisting clients in meeting the substantial challenges they face in the rapidly changing wireless, wired, high-tech and media industries. We represent a multitude of clients across the communications industry.

Our Telecommunications practice provides regulatory, litigation, and transactional legal services, not only to traditional voice and data service providers, but also to clients who face keeping up with today’s changing Telecommunications industry.

Our team employs the most recent, cutting-edge technological advances. We have worked with legal counsel from overseas to overcome issues facing high-profile operators in Tanzania. Our corporate department has acted on behalf of many operators by arranging medium and long-term funding for expansion purposes in the telecom sector.

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