Legal Update – December 2015

Coming into Force of the Non-Citizens (Employment Regulation) Act, 2015 and its Implications on Foreigners Working in Tanzania

Further to the Public Noticeissued by theMinister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office Policy, Parliamentary Affairs, Labour, Employment, Youth and the Disabled, dated 14 December 2015, FB Attorneys can provide the following further update:

  1. The Non-Citizens (Employment Regulation) Act, 2015 has introduced the Short Term Permit (STP) which replaces CTAs.
  2. Since all CTAs expire within a period of 90 days from issuance, we are informed by the authorities that the last CTA should have expired on 15 December 2015 meaning that the STP is now fully applicable.
  3. We are informed that the STP can only be applied for prior to entry to Tanzania by paying a fee of USD 500 and filling out a form that is similar to that of a normal work permit. The Ministry and Immigration is looking at administrative mechanisms to assist those who have entered Tanzania in the last few days on tourist visas and who wish to apply for STP.
  4. The STP has a validity of 6 months and unlike CTA, does not expire when you leave and return to Tanzania within the 6 months.
  5. All employees who have CTAs are required to apply for a STP within 14 days and ensure that they carry a receipt of such application.
  6. The Immigration and Labour Ministry are trying to streamline the process and more directives/changes may be issued next week.
  7. It is recommended that CTAs be converted to STPs as per the directive.

In summary:

  1. No more CTAs as these have been replaced by STPs.
  2. STPs to be applied for outside Tanzania prior to arrival.
  3. 14 days notice has been given to CTA holders, and those without any permits, to apply for STPs or relevant class permits.
  4. If an application is lodged and paid for within 14 days from the date of the public notice, the authorities may accept that whilst your application is being processed.

You are advised to act accordingly.