Legal Update – 28 December 2016

Rejection of residence permits

  • Imposition of additional charges if applicant already in country
  • Outright rejection if already working

Under the Non-Citizen (Employment Regulations) Act 2015 and Immigration Act an expatriate is required to have both a work and residence permit prior to commencing work. In the last few days, the Immigration authorities have realised that a number of employees are still entering Tanzania with a business visa whilst their work and residence permits are being processed.

What is being recommended is that an applicant be outside the country when the work and residence permits are being processed.The Immigration Services have now started charging USD 600 for a special pass in the event at the time of issuance of the residence permit the applicant is already in the country, which will be visible from the applicant’s passport when examined. This special pass fee is in addition to the fees payable for a residence permit. This procedure only applies to first applications and not in case of renewals.

The Immigration Services also has the discretionary powers to outrightly reject the residence permit application in the event it finds out that the applicant has already started working in Tanzania under a business visa.

You are advised to act accordingly.