Legal Update – 21 April 2017

Immigration Department orders electronic verification of residence permits

  • Exercise starts immediately
  • All employers and agencies to verify residence permits
  • Deadline 17 July 2017

In a Press Release issued by the Immigration Department dated 20 April 2017, all non-citizens are now required to verify their residence permits using the immigration department website ( and follow procedures as illustrated within the link and thereafter submit a report to the nearest immigration office.

The Immigration department states that it expects voluntary compliance on or before 17 July 2017. Failure to do so may incur serious legal action being taken against employer and agencies employing such non–citizens.

According to the Press release, the Immigration department explained that the launch of the electronic system is in line with changing technology and aimed at bringing the immigration services up to International standards. The system will also verify whether all residence permit holders are in possession of genuine and proper documents, and to ensure that all non-citizens, their employers and agents are in compliance with the Immigration laws.

In the statement the Immigration department reminds the public that non-citizens working and residing without a valid residence Permit issued by immigration department are committing an offence. As has been previously communicated by the FB Attorneys Legal Updates team, working and/or employment on a business visa/business pass is contrary to the provisions of the law and can lead to fines or imprisonment or both.

You are requested to comply with this notice accordingly.