Gaudiosus E. Ishengoma

Having worked as a state attorney for eight years, Ishengoma has broad experience in high value litigation cases. In his legal career spanning 22 years, he focuses on land law, mining law, and contract law.

He has been involved in major cases before the High Court of Tanzania (Land Division), Commercial Court and the Court of Appeal. Ishengoma brings with him an excellent track record in bank recovery cases; he was trained by the British Council under a team from the House of Lords on prosecution skills.

He has extensive experience in corporate work including litigation and was instrumental as lead counsel in a recent acquisition of a local company by a foreign fund, deal valued over USD 12B.

Ishengoma plays a critical role in reviewing all contractual agreements from a litigators eye. His experience in land law, compliance and regulatory issues are invaluable. He has been involved in all land acquisition and dispute resolution that the firm has been assigned. Most recently Ishengoma acted for a group of companies to negotiate and enter into agreements to purchase over 30,000 acres of land in Northern Tanzania.

In another venture, he played a key role to negotiate a private partnership project with the National Development Corporation (NDC) to produce palm oil for renewable energy purposes. 25,000 acres of land was negotiated in phase 1, with a further 25,000 acres in phase 2. Ishengoma led the team in negotiating and compensating the villagers in addition to applying for the relevant land title deeds.

Land remains a very sensitive topic in Tanzania and apart from the legal approach, it is important to get a social licence from the local villagers or owners to ensure that there is no breach of peace. Over two decades of experience have enabled Ishengoma to perfect this balance.

Memberships include: the Tanganyika Law Society, the East Africa Law Society, and the International Bar Association.