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Mining (Local Content) Regulations now operational
Government invites private sector feedback for 2018 budget
Book lifts veil of offshore tax havens secrecy
top law firm tanzania
Special Parliamentary Committee commences probe on oil and gas agreements
Bill tabled to amend Land Act imposing restrictions on mortgages
Oil, Gas Local Content Regulations almost ready
fb attorneys law firm tanzania
The National Shipping Agencies Bill 2017 tabled in the National Assembly
fb attorneys law firm tanzania
New law passed in National Assembly amending other laws
fb attorneys law firm tanzania
Tanzania opens bids for construction of Rufiji Hydro power in Stiegler’s Gorge
top law firm tanzania
New law to plug cybercrime
top law firm tanzania
3 days left for residence permit verification
top law firm tanzania
The Fair Competition (Threshold for Notification of a Merger) (Amendment) Order 2017
top law firm tanzania
New laws proposed on oil, gas and mining sectors
top law firm tanzania
African Court on Human Rights rules against Kenya
top law firm tanzania
Dar, Seoul team up against rising cases of cybercrimes
top law firm tanzania
Immigration Department orders electronic verification of residence permits
top law firm tanzania
Contracts of 24 firms out soon
top law firm tanzania
New labour regulations issued
fb attorneys law firm tanzania
New yellow fever certificates being issued
top law firm tanzania
New work permit regulations issued
fb attorneys law firm tanzania
Mining companies to go public within six months
fb attorneys law firm tanzania
Ministry to conduct verification of work permits
top law firm tanzania
Default companies to be struck out of BRELA register
top law firm tanzania
Acting Chief Justice sworn in
top law firm tanzania
Editors to spread word on new media law
top law firm tanzania
Rejection of residence permits
top law firm tanzania
EAC six sign Paris Agreement
fb attorneys law firm tanzania
TRA extends time for TIN verification exercise to January 2017
fb attorneys law firm tanzania
New Revised Immigration Fees issued for Citizens of the East African Community Member States
fb attorneys law firm tanzania
Minimum Local Shareholding and Listing Requirements for Mining Companies
fb attorneys law firm tanzania
New Revised Immigration Fees issued for Citizens of the East African Community Member States
top law firm tanzania
Ministry of Lands warns Banks on sale of mortgaged properties
top law firm tanzania
TCRA launches website to fight cybercrime
top law firm tanzania
TRA extends time for TIN verification exercise
top law firm tanzania
All residents to register with NIDA
top law firm tanzania
Access to Information Bill to be tabled in parliament
top law firm tanzania
Tanzania High Court rules against child marriage, Govt appeals
top law firm tanzania
Further tax update on Finance Act 2016
top law firm tanzania
Tax Update on the Finance Act 2016
top law firm tanzania
Withholding tax will apply irrespective place of performance of service
top law firm tanzania
Strengthening the arm of the law through judicial training - TRAFFI
lawyers tanzania
Tanzania Budget 2016/2017
fb attorneys law firm tanzania
Court of Appeal on defence of alibi
fb attorneys law firm tanzania
Court of Appeal rules in favour of taxpayer in withholding tax case
fb attorneys law firm tanzania
Tax Court rules against Mining Giant
fb attorneys law firm tanzania
LRCT submits proposal to amend procurement laws
fb attorneys law firm tanzania
Appeal against TPA dismissed
top law firm tanzania
Business Visa on arrival
top law firm tanzania
New law to oversee property deals
fb attorneys law firm tanzania
Questions and answers on Short Term Permits (STP)
fb attorneys law firm tanzania
Coming into Force of the Non-Citizens
top law firm tanzania
Court of Appeal nullify proceedings
top law firm tanzania
Magufuli wins election, Zanzibar elections suspended
top law firm tanzania
No appeal for Nolle Prosequi
top law firm tanzania
Cybercrimes Act into force 1 September 2015
top law firm tanzania
Teachers' Service Commission Act, 2015
top law firm tanzania
Parliament to be dissolved in July 2015
top law firm tanzania
Tabling of Gas Bill in parliament

Corporate Law

Corporate law governs the most dominant kind of business enterprise in the modern world. It functions as the backbone of any company’s organisational structure, particularly as it grows and raises capital, undertakes transactions, and expands both domestically and internationally. At FB Attorneys, the lawyers take a practical approach to all corporate and commercial transactions. The firm is home to some of the best corporate law practitioners in the region who cover a wide spectrum of corporate business matters including but not limited to:

  • Syndicated Lending
  • Trade Finance
  • Asset Finance
  • Asset and Share Purchase Agreements
  • Due Diligences
  • Joint Ventures
  • Company Restructuring
  • Winding Up
  • Insolvency Proceedings
  • Multi-jurisdictional Deals
  • Licensing
  • Distribution
  • Agency and Franchising
  • General Drafting
  • Rights Issues
  • General Commercial Law
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Shareholder Buy-Outs
  • Succession Planning amongst others

FB Attorneys’ lawyers have represented many challenging, high-profile transactions. The goal is to involve ourselves with every aspect of preparation, establishment, and continuity of corporate business from the pre-planning stages as well a corporation’s normal course of daily activity. Apart from our technical expertise, clients rely on the team’s market sector knowledge and sound commercial advice.

The firm gives top priority to staying current on changes in the law, which is possibly FB Attorneys’ greatest strength. These lawyers possess the savvy to help them navigate the corporate world for regional and international clients. They do not just take chances; these fine lawyers make calculated moves that have proven to be beneficial to our clients. The process starts with the preparation of a ‘tree’ diagram that outlines the client’s options and associated costs. The firm’s internal lawyers then challenge these ideas so as to arrive at the best strategic and economical solution possible. There exists a passion for work that is challenging; the attorneys’ technical expertise and reputation for excellence are borne out of the type and complexity of the transactions they handle.

Our experience in Corporate and Commercial Law

  • Acquisition of a mining company with one of its main assets in Tanzania by way of a scheme through change in shareholding at holding company level, value: more than USD 1B.
  • Financing and construction of international hotel chain in Tanzania including marketing, branding, franchising agreements, value: more than USD 39M.
  • Acted for an international company on a public private partnership project in the palm oil and agri sector, value: USD 80M.
  • Acted for a client in the acquisition of a hotel group in Zanzibar including structuring the deal at an appropriate debt equity ratio, value: USD 18.9M.
  • Acted for a foreign company in negotiations for fiber optic cables into the interior of Tanzania and its borders, value: over USD 56M.
  • Consulted for large mining companies, acquired and serviced 200+ licenses.
  • Rescheduled a large conglomerates’ loan facilities and negotiated better terms, total facilities value: USD 70M+.
  • Acted for one of the largest oil and gas players in the world to get regulatory approval in Tanzania.
  • Consulted on cross border air-traffic rights’ in the aviation sector.
  • The corporate team with the energy team has negotiated, drafted and reviewed various production sharing agreements, operatorship agreements, transportation agreements, implementation agreements, management agreements and power purchase agreements, value: USD 10B.
  • Negotiated/drafted production-sharing agreement for lucrative offshore blocks.
  • With the banking team consulted for one of the largest banks in Africa on a turnkey hydro-power energy project.
  • Reviewed and applied for regulatory approval for a merger in the extractive industries worth over USD 10B.
  • Negotiated, drafted and transferred under an asset purchase agreement core assets of one of the largest conglomerates in Tanzania, in addition to seeking regulatory clearance for the transaction.
  • Banking team also appears when required with the litigation in court for banking and other corporate related cases.
  • Reviewed reinsurance agreements for normal layered treaties, and facultative reinsurance for a private insurance company.
  • Negotiated and structured a loan agreement for a foreign bank lending to a locally registered entity, value USD 100M+.
  • Acted successfully for a client in a USD 20M claims issue against an insurance company.
  • Advised a European company in the restructuring and ultimate liquidation of nine East African subsidiaries.
  • Assisted a client in the bid for one of the largest bridge projects in Tanzania, value: USD 87M.
  • The Corporate team is called upon to review various laws, rules and regulations under Tanzanian laws.
  • Consulted for various clients including our litigation on corporate related issues team under LCIA/ICC rules.
  • Represented a hospital in its ambitious expansion plans across Tanzania and East Africa, value: USD 70M+.
  • Represent clients before Ministries, Bank of Tanzania, Treasury Registrar, FCC, EWURA, TCAA, TCRA, SUMATRA, TIRA, RITA amongst others.
  • Consulted for several large companies on Tanzanian merger/acquisitions including compliance and regulatory approval of the parent ministries, Fair Competition Commission and tax authorities.
  • Structured a share purchase agreement under a scheme at the holding company level of a locally registered subsidiary including conducting of full due diligence of local assets, value: USD 157M.
  • Negotiated, drafted and reviewed a major supply contract to the government for a local manufacturer, value USD 18M.
  • Representing an international development agency in the implementation of a multi million dollar educational institute of excellence.
  • Review of various non life insurance policies and cover notes of a leading insurer for compliance with local legislation and ensure that policies are in line with reinsurance treaties.
  • Acted for an IT company on intellectual property rights agreements in addition to drafting SLAs with its clients.
  • Represented one of the biggest agro groups in the world on project implementation including negotiations for a takeover of an old parastatal, value: USD 22M.
  • Consulted for one of the biggest inland container depos on compliance and expansion.
  • Consulted for a client who intends to go public in the Dar es Salaam stock exchange. Our team guided the client on both ensuring full tax and statutory compliance, in addition to consultancy on the pros and cons of going public and presented on the requirements under securities laws in Tanzania and as required by the Capital Markets and Securities Authority (CMSA).
  • Consulted for a publicly listed company on compliance issues pertaining to public disclosures. Our team also conducted a health check for the client.
  • Consulting for a client who wishes to raise close to USD 15M by bond issuance on the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange.
  • Worked with a foreign client on issues pertaining to opening up of securities trading for foreign brokers and companies to participate.
  • Consulted for a private equity firm on its takeover bid of a local conglomerate with interests in the agri, manufacturing and exportation business. Deal value: USD 39M.
  • Currently representing a foreign bank in a project financed power project in Tanzania.
  • Consulted for one of the largest manufacturers on compliance with the Occupational and Safety Health Act and the Tanzania Bureau of Standards.
  • Regularly present to boards on compliance and statutory obligations of board directors.
  • Consulted for a port operator in reviewing local laws and involved in the drafting of a framework agreement for the Bagamoyo Port, value USD 8B.
  • Study of the legal framework to proceed with the development of the Kisarawe Freight Station project on a PPP basis.
  • Initial consultancy on the legal framework in Tanzania and East Africa for the development of a port on Lake Tanganyika under the theNepad–Infrastructure Project Preparation Facility (Nepad-IPPF).
  • Review of the project finance proposal for infrastructure development project of aCoal Mine.
  • Acted for a client in the bidding for the Kigamboni Bridge project, project valued at USD 90M+.
  • Acted for a client in the development of a PPP construction project for low and medium cost houses deal valued at USD 700M+.
  • Setting up of the second largest export processing zone manufacturer, value USD 29M.
  • Lead counsel in the setting up of the largest export processing zone in Tanzania, value USD 80M (phase 1).
  • Consulted for an investment bank, through a foreign law firm, for financing modalities of upgrading Mtwara Port.
  • Currently reviewing a private entities financing proposal for the Mtwara Development Corridor related to roads, railway and power.
  • Workingon a Build Operate and Transfer (BOT) arrangement the establishment of an aircraft maintenance hangar in Dar and other upcountry centres, value USD 19M.
  • Involved in contract negotiations with the Government on behalf of a foreign company for the laying out of fiber optic cables across Tanzania and in the landlocked countries of Burundi, Rwanda, Malawi and Zambia, value USD 200M.
  • Lead legal consultant to one of the world’s largest solar companies to establish a 100MW plant in Tanzania, value USD 105M.
  • Negotiated for clients with the state owned power utility for two power purchase agreements, deal worth in total USD 620M.
  • Consulted for a copper mining company from Asia on concession rights and mining licence, value USD 21M.
  • Consulted for some of the biggest names in the mining industry and acquired over 200 prospecting licences, in addition to converting primary mining licences to mining licences.
  • Also in preliminary discussions over the development of the Lake Natron soda ash project. Project currently not moving forward because of environmental concerns.
  • Advising a financer and bank on the development of a gas powered electricity plant in Southern Tanzania.
  • FB Attorneys was involved in the team that successfully conducted an environmental and social impact assessment of two mines in line with local legislation.
  • Consulted for one of the largest banks in Africa on a turn-key hydro power energy project.
  • Our competition team applied for and was successful in getting merger clearance for many clients; presently the team is involved in one of the largest anti-trust cases in the region.
  • Consulted for a large bank that was intending to enter the market by acquiring a smaller bank.
  • Banking team routinely perfects securities, conducts due diligence & collections, draft/vet all types of banking documents including loan agreements, offer letters, debentures personal guarantees, corporate guarantees, mortgages, syndicated loan agreements, security sharing agreements.
  • With the competition team represented companies before the FCC on various anti-trust matters including anti competitive behavior, abuse of market dominance, cartel and product recall, value: more than USD 4bn.


FB Attorneys has extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of all aspects of aircraft financing and leasing including operating leases, export credit financings, commercial debt financings, and refinancing.

Banking, Finance and Capital Markets

On a daily basis, FB Attorneys practice in the constantly evolving and heavily regulated world of financial services. The firm’s collective years of experience has provided FB Attorneys with invaluable knowledge and insight of the global market place.